About Evolution

Evolution Caravans equals Quality

You have probably been looking at many caravans & researching which brand is right for you. There are many, many caravan manufacturers claiming to be just what you’re looking for. You know exactly what you want included in your caravan & what values are most important to your lifestyle. Most manufacturers seem to use the same construction techniques.

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But Evolution Caravans is just a little bit different.

  • We are proudly in the RVM Australia. We are subject to stringent and random quality control checks by a respected and independent board.
  • Quality control is maintained by not mass producing caravans. The owner has a hand in building every caravan.
  • You are purchasing a caravan direct from the manufacturer and receiving peace of mind regarding warranty claims.
  • Custom built caravans, design your caravan to suit your needs, not ours.
  • Cutting out the middle man – Best price possible! Factory direct!
  • We only use the best products on the market.
  • Light weight laminated solid plywood doors & cupboards. This keeps down the weight in our caravans & will help reduce your travelling costs.
  • We always use 3 fixing points for all our contents in our caravans by using staples & screws from the roof & walls.
  • Very few manufacturers in the industry use “Commercial grade” silicon. We do! Most will use only construction grade silicon.
  • We always use extra timber behind the furniture for extra support & strength.
  • We use double glazed “Aussie Traveller windows” that are aluminium framed, not plastic framed like most others.
  • We only use a one piece, 12mm thick, marine ply flooring.
  • Instead on 15mm, we make our own 30mm think, post form, rolled edge bench tops in-house at our factory as standard.
  • Our wall stud spacing is 250mm (very close) together for a strong, rigid wall.
  • We use, as standard no extra cost, larger than normal 235x75x15” light truck tyres.
  • All our caravans come fitted, as standard, with a large 1100x780 one piece fully moulded, fibreglass shower. These showers are very rare in the industry.
  • Our clients are encouraged to stay 1 night at our construction factory before heading home. This will give you time to familiarise yourself with your new caravan. Customer satisfaction is most important to us. This also gives you peace of mind that every aspect of your caravan is the way you planned.

Regards, Chris and Ellen Shambrook