We only use AusTrail RV Chassis



  1. AusTrail RV chassis are robotically welded in a state of the art facility for accuracy, consistency and durability
  2. AusTrail RV chassis are flat, square and straight for fast and easy floor installation
  3. AusTrail RV chassis are painted using a 2K paint system that provides the best-in-class corrosion protection (98% zinc rich primer used)
  4. Every new or modified chassis, no matter how small the design change, is drawn up on Solidworks CAD to check for potential problems prior to the chassis build
  5. AusTrail RV chassis have hand brake guide tubes to prevent wear
  6. Tube section holes and cutouts are robotic plasma cut for accuracy, repeatability and neatness. Round holes are fitted with grommets
  7. AusTrail RV chassis undergo FEA (Finite Element Analysis) by independent engineere to check strength and durability
  8. AusTrail RV offers a full range of suspension types for single and tandem axle
  9. AusTrail RV chassis undergo stringent quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. Over 50 attributes of every chassis are inspected and checked off before a chassis leaves the factory
  10. AusTrail RV offers a multiple of rim and tyre choices and a full range of complementing accessories such as jockey wheels (with or without additional holder), corner steadies, water tank straps, water tanks, water tank protectors, bumper bar loops (available in various colours), enclosed jerry can holders and spare wheel holders